Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hi guys its valentine again!! (okay a little bit late...;p)
things were quite different this year..
i got no girl friend this year..
=( =(
so... cant really celebrate valentine's day this year
but i guess its not a big deal bah
at least i celebrated valentine's day few years back
nothing to sad bout right? ;p

valentine's day was just another usual day for me
woke up at 12.. login facebook, sound the horn, start hunting..
and wow i caught a black widow~
then after lunch, me, ah dan and alvin start playing mahjong
wat to do..bachelor mar... no gals ask me out
i ask gals out also gals tak layan
ma play mahjong lor...
we mahjonged all the way til dinner..
and get ourself ready for the next activity...

we went poppy after that.. alvin, keith me
accompanying vincent ( he boss ma today.. )
along with vincent's sis godsis sis fren and sharon

anna, vincent, miki and jingjing

jing jing, siew teng and me

me, vincent and his god sis
i wonder why i look so guai lan here...hmm

some valentine's wishes to my frens
yx & ys : wish u 2 happy always la..yi yap more on d sofa la...
ky & his wife : married edy hor... ;p;p dun always sms when we dota la~
ck n cs (i duno why i put u 2 together) : go get some aus hot chicks back~
xy : dun let ur mum worry too long ;p
hx : wish u all d best in upgrading urself la
vincent : be strong~ u still got alot of brotherssss
matilda : all the best... wish u get someone that really treats u well :)

Friday, February 6, 2009


hi fren, since xuan updated.. i also have to update lor..
hmmm... i dont know what to say ler...
this year cny.. not too bad lar...
but its not as good as previous year ones.
maybe cos everyone grown up d :(
got own frens d :(
forgot me d :(

some changes i noticed in kuantan:
- megamall is brown in colour now =.=
- there's a weird yet cool new building beside sabs
- EC mall still dont have a cinema, karaoke and bowling
- there's a okok club in kuantan! (finally)
- a new cc beside megamall ;p
- kemaman kopitiam's nasi lemak special is freaking expensive!
- ck's dog is gone
- pin ru's nam yu bao is not as nice as last time edy
- cannot think of others...anyone wanna add? ;p

hmmm... i feel like this year is not a good year for me
everything was like so 不顺利
havent get any job offer for internship
test duno do, altou study 9 9 dy
cny gamble lose 9 9
aih....need to pray more and look for feng shui sifu edy..

some photos during after 7 with ck,ky,ys
and i dun understand why i dont have ky's pic here
maybe he just sitting at sofa there, smsing his darl..
duwan take pic with us.. =( lc sia~

me n err.. peggy
karyn's cousin
i got no idea why we will go with them..so random

someone bai pattern again lo....
and ky is missing
maybe smsing beside ck

ys with brazil
duno her real name..zzzz

ck with brazil
notice ck's hand
is this the legendary salty pork hand?

oh btw.. valentine's coming
(yaya xuan i know edy....)
anyone wanna go out with me?
kindly leave a msg here to make reservation ;p
jk only lar.. i know lar nobody gonna go out with me....

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I returned to check my house,
but it appeared a burglar thief had stolen
a pair of shoe without setting it off.

Damn~! my house is visited by some unknown burglar
i think he planned for quite some time before he visit us
because he brought his own long stick to steal our shoes....

when i wake up, i saw this
"wth why so messy!!"

the window is not lock

That guy dam pro wei..
the pair of shoe is like..
5 meters away from that window?
and he took it away like its his shoe =.=
sad sad
but luckily thats not my shoe :D
my dear crocs is just beside the stolen one

Saturday, January 17, 2009


hmm...very busy nowadays...
dont have time to play maple
so impossible have time to update blog..
hahaha ;p
just finished another paper today...
have time to take pics in the exam hall lol
i remember keeyan did the same thing too
right? :D

ah see carefully, one person is looking behind
my examhall big boh?
or small?

oh i had my cny hair cut few days ago..
quite satisfy with it..
not much different thou...
but actually got different one leh..
ngek ngek...
not gonna dye my hair this cny
cos hafta go for internship after this..
;p ;p

new hair :D
look at my eyebag omg!
cos i slept at 6am last night...

4 more papers to go before cny....
no papers immediate after cny..
means i can enjoy TO DA MAX~~~
aza aza~~~

Sunday, January 11, 2009


miss u xyn..
see u next year..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


just found out that i still can use
my laoya pc for mapling
hahaha....this game so childish
yet so fun~
some of the stupid things me n ys did yesterday..

level 39 cleric and level 35 gunslinger
attempt to kill mushmum??
the result is we cant even touch it =(


happy ^^

swt~~ wu liao ing~!

Monday, January 5, 2009

best pic of 2008?

when xuan ask us to put best pic of 2008
only i notice that we seldom take pic together
all i got in my album is xmas eve and NY eve
hmmmm? we dun have other outings ka?
2009 we must take more pics k...
everytime we go out :D
but seriously all the pics are nice
hmm...very hard to choose...
but out of this 2 outings,
i think these are among the best lar...

look so real isn't it?

we look so hamsap here..

but the best pic of 2008,
is of course

this series of pics la~~